The Miracles of The Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the exemplary person and the teacher who was selected by God for us as His slaves. He faced the denial of the people when He started to declare the divine case just like all other prophets who were given the duty of prophethood.
The Biggest and Eternal Miracle is the Qur'an
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s biggest and eternal miracle is the Qur’an. The holy Qur’an proves the cause of the Prophet (PBUH) with its hundreds of verses. At the same time, the Qur’an itself is the biggest miracle of our Prophet (PBUH). It is such a miracle that thousands of expert scholars on the Qur’an proved that it is miracle from forty aspects.
The Miracle of Isra (Night Journey) and Miraj (Ascension)
One of the greatest miracles of the Prophet is the miracle of Night Journey (Isra) and Ascension (Miraj), which is mentioned and narrated by the Quran, authentic hadith resources and history resources. First, we will explain how the miracle of Night Journey and Ascension took place quoting from the verses of the Quran, hadiths and narrations from authentic resources; then, we will give answers to the questions that can come to the mind regarding the issue.
The Miracle of the Splitting of the Moon
In this part, we are going to give information about how the miracle of the splitting of the moon, which is a clear sign of the verse of the Qur’an, occurred and seen in all authentic hadith as well as in sirah sources at the degree of Mutawatir manawi and we will also try to answer some questions that may come to the mind.
His Information related to the Future Turn out True
The Prophet (pbuh) gave information about many issues related to the future. What he said exactly happened. We will report some authentic narrations with their resources.
The Miracles Concerning the Increase in Food and Drink
We will give, in this part, a few examples from among the Prophet’s (PBUH) miracles that relate to his effecting increase in food and that are definite to the degree of ‘consensus in meaning.’
Miracles Concerning Water
Miracles concerning water were narrated by various companions of the prophet (PBUH). Scholars of Tabi’in whose numbers reach up to thousands took over the hadiths that had been narrated by companions and they narrated them to those that came after them. Thus, they reached the present time from mouth to mouth and hand to hand throughout ages. When the hadiths that reached especially the age after the era of bliss, genius scholars like Bukhari and Muslim collected and recorded the authentic ones and reported those hadiths to the future generations in the best way.
Miracles concerning trees
Some of the miracles of our prophet (PBUH) are about trees. There are many incidents concerning trees leaving their places and coming to him and obeying the orders of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There is also ‘mutawatir manawi’ in the reports of these miracles.
The Miracles concerning mountains, rocks and lifeless creatures
In this section we will narrate some of the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) concerning lifeless creatures such as mountains and rocks.
The Miracles concerning the sick and the wounded being healed
Another of the miracles of Muhammad (pbuh) of which there are numerous instances, which are reported unanimously, is the sick and the wounded being healed through his blessed breath. These miracles are mentioned in Hadith and Sirah books repeatedly. We shall mention a few instances of the miracles out of many:
The miracles occurring upon the prayer of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Another numerous sort of the various kinds of miracle of God’s Most Noble Messenger (PBUH) were the wonders manifested as a result of his prayers.We shall quote only some of the numerous instances of this kind of miracle that are very well-known and nearest in degree to ‘consensus,’ giving some particulars of each instance.
The Miracles Shown on Animals
Stones, trees, the moon and the sun know the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and testify His prophethood by presenting a miracle of Him; in the same way, the world of animals is interested in the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and they justified his cause with the miracles that they were involved in. There are many miracles reported in reliable sources. We will quote a few of them here:
The Miracles concerning Resurrected Corpses
We are going to narrate some of the miracles concerning the talking of corpses with the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from authentic sources.
Miracles concerning Angels and Jinn
As regards angels appearing and serving God’s Messenger (PBUH), and jinn believing in him and obeying him, these facts at foremost arrived from the Qur’an along with many other sources which are also mutawatir. At the Battle of Badr, according to the Qur’an, five thousand angels served him as soldiers in the front line, like the Companions. Indeed, those angels gained honor among the angels, like the men who fought in that battle. Here we are going to narrate miracles concerning angels that are seen by His ummah and talking with them as a miracle via of his honor.
He is Protected from his Enemies
As it is indicated in the Quran by the verse, “Allah will defend thee from men”, the Prophet was protected by Allah from his enemies throughout his life.
Glad Tidings about the Prophet’s Coming Before His Birth
In the period before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) called the interregnum, both oracles and some scholars gave the good news about Allah’s Messenger’s coming. Some of them mentioned him in their poems; some extended this good news to next centuries through their letters. We will try to recount some examples of them here.
Events that Took Place Before the Assignment of Prophethood
Here we retell some examples mentioned in trustable sources out of the many wondrous incidences that happened before and during the Prophet’s birth in relation to his coming to the world as well as events that took place before he was appointed as a prophet during his childhood and youth.