Exemplary Ethics of the Prophet

One Hadith

As narrated by Al-Harith al-A'war (May God be pleased with him):


“While passing through the Masjid I found that people had left remembrance of God and were engrossed in vain talk. So I went to Hazrat Ali (Upon Him be Peace) and told him what I had seen.”


He asked me “Are you telling the truth, is that really so?”


 When I assured him that it was so, upon that he said:


“I heard God's Messenger (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) say, ‘Behold! A dissension will come!’ I immediately asked him ‘What is the way out of it, o Messenger of God?’ to which he replied:


"It is the God's Book (to read, reflect and act according to it), for it contains all information about what has happened to those communities before you, news of dissensions and tumults that will happen after you and and signs of doomsday (until the Day of Judgment). Also it has the judgement regarding the matters which will occur among you (about matters such as belief-blasphemy, obedience-disobedience, what is permitted-forbidden, etc.). It is the distinguisher between the truth and the falsehood. It is serious in everything it mentions, there is no word in it that is excursive or digressive. Whoever falls in absurdity by not taking notice of it and doesn’t behave according to it, God will perish him. If anyone seeks guidance elsewhere God will lead him astray. It is the strong rope of God, it is the reminder with wisdom, and it is the straightest path. It protects souls who obey it from being ruined and misguidance and tongues that recite it from ambiguity. Scholars of the Qur’an always crave more from it. Reading it again and again never bores its reader; neither does the reader lose any taste by reading it over and over again. Its magnificent wonders that astonish the mankind never end. It is such a Book that, when they had heard it, the jinn could not help to confess that, “We have heard a wonderful recital (God’s word). This surely guides to the Truth and we believe in it.” (Surah al-Jinn,72/1) He who utters it, speaks the truth. He who acts according to it, will be rewarded. He who pronounces judgment according to it, will be just. He who invites people to it, will guide them to a straight path.’ Oh A'war, learn very well these beautiful words.”

 (Tirmidhi, Reward of the Qur’an 14)

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