A friend of his wanted a camel to ride from him. He said;

"All right. I will make you ride a calf."His friend was puzzled and objected to it.

"O Messenger of Allah! What shall I do with a calf? It will be of no good to me."

He said,"Are all camels not calves of female camels?"[1]



Zahir was a Muslim who lived in the desert. He brought the orders of the Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) from the desert and Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) helped him do shopping in the city. The Prophet said,

"Zahir is our desert; we are his city", attracting attention to the relation between them.

However, Zahir had a serious problem. Due to some physiognomic faults, he did not want to be among people; when he had to join people, he always thought, "Everybody is looking at me!" and was seriously affected by that complex. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was aware of this problem of Zahir. One day, the Prophet found the opportunity to relieve him. 

Zahir was shopping in Madinah market at a very busy time. Meanwhile, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) approached him slowly and closed the eyes of Zahir with his hands, pulling Zahir’s body toward himself. Realizing that the person who was joking was Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) through his scent, Zahir became very happy and leaned against Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). The Muslims who knew that the Prophet never treated a person so intimately surrounded them with astonished looks. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said smilingly,

"I have a slave. I am selling him. Who wants to buy him?"

On the one hand, Zahir was shocked by the surprising compliment; on the other hand, he replied the joke of the Prophet a bit ironically due to the effect of the complex that had filled his consciousness,  

"O Messenger of Allah! I swear by Allah that you are trying to sell a worthless slave."

It was the opportunity that Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was waiting. He was going to treat the person who had the complex "Everybody is looking at me" among everybody; Zahir was going to live confidently and without having any complex among people. It was just the opportunity he wanted. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) stopped joking at that time. He became very serious. He showed Zahir to the people around and said,

"No. I swear by Allah that you are priceless in the eye of Allah and His Messenger!"

That day was the happiest day of Zahir's life.[2]



One of his jokey friends frequently brought him presents. They were generally things like butter, honey, etc. Later, when the owner of the presents came and asked for the price of his goods, his poor, jokey friend said to Hazrat Muhammad:

"O Messenger of Allah! The owner of the butter and honey has come; he wants the money of the butter and honey."

Then, continuing the joke, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said to him seriously,

"Did you not bring them to us as presents?"His friend said,

"I have no money; how can I pay for it?"

Thereupon, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) paid the owner the price for his goods.[3]



A female Muslim was telling him about one of her wishes. Meanwhile, Hazrat  Muhammad (pbuh) asked her:

"You are the wife of that person with the white in his eye, aren’t you?" The woman answered in astonishment,

"O Messenger of Allah! My husband has no white in his eye."The Prophet said,

"Everybody has a white in his eye."[4]



During a journey, a friend of his called Anjasha was singing in front of the camels and keeping time to make them walk faster. As the pace of the song increased, the speed of the camels increased, too. Being worried about the women on the camels, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) addressed Anjasha:

"Anjasha, be careful! Do not let crystals be broken!"[5]



He was having breakfast with Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him). Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was smiling. He put the seeds of the olives he ate in front of Hazrat Ali. Then, he showed Ali the seeds of the olives in front of him and said,

"O Ali! Did you eat so many olives?"

Hazrat Ali answered him seriously,

"Yes, O Messenger of Allah! However, you ate the olives together with their seeds. There are no seeds in front of you." [6]


ALL OF YOU         

The army was on the expedition of Tabuk. Awf  b. Malik, one of his oldest friends, went to the entrance of the small tent in which Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) was sitting and having a rest. He greeted the Prophet and asked for permission to enter. When he received the answer, “Come in!”, he asked,

"With all of my parts, o Messenger of Allah?" The Messenger of Allah answered,

"Yes, all of you!"[7]



An old woman entered the mosque, went to Hazrat Muhammad and said,

"O, Messenger of Allah! Pray Allah for me so that He will put me into Paradise."

The Messenger of Allah said, "Old women cannot enter Paradise."

The woman got very sorry and started to cry. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) started to smile and said,

"Do not worry! You will enter Paradise as a young girl."[8]


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