The Proofs of the Prophethood

This part has been prepared in order to prove the rightness of the cause of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) who is the second one of the three main instructors that let us know our Lord and show the proofs of the prophethood of him as an apostle of God.
The Signs of divine books such as the Torah, Bible and Psalms are a proof of Muhammad’s (PBUH) prophethood.
The coming of our prophet (PBUH) is the most significant event of this universe. For an incomprehensible book is no more than a nonsensical paper and only gains meaning when an instructor teaches it. The universe gains meaning with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), too.
The extraordinary events that took place before his birth is a proof of his prophethood.
There are some important events that took place before the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Since these events are connected with the prophet Muhammad (PUBH) and the blessed place in which he was born, they are both his miracles and proofs of his prophethood.
The expressions of soothsayers and some scholars concerning the good news of the Prophet’s coming to this world before his birth are a proof his prophethood.
Some soothsayers foremost Shiqq and Satih, who lived before the birth of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and some mediums who got news from the realm of the unseen prophesied the arrival of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the place and time of his birth and also some of his actions.
The good news of the arrival of the prophet (PBUH) prophesized from the realm of unseen by some Jinn called Hatif and idols, including the writings on gravestones are a proof of Muhammad’s prophethood.
There were some Jinn called Hatif from the clans of Jinn informing the good news of the arrival of the prophet Muhammad (BPUH) who were not seen but only heard by their voice before the birth of the prophet (PBUH) or His prophethood.
His illiteracy along with a perfect religion and declaration is a proof of Muhammad’s (PBUH) prophethood.
Let us imagine something: An illiterate person intends to develop a global program himself. This illiterate person develops his own project through years without informing anyone and at last, he declares it in his declining years.
The Perfectness of the laws of Islam is a proof of Muhammad’s prophethood (PBUH)
Is it possible that an illiterate person can make laws by himself and can those laws, without any change, rule at least one fourth of the people within a total of fourteen centuries with justice and truthiness? Of course not.
Being more perfect than anyone in his worshipping is a proof of his prophethood.
Is it possible for an illiterate person who did not know or read anything about His own religion or a different one to invent a type of worshipping which is unique and has no example in any religion?
The uniqueness of his prayer is a proof his (PBUH) prophethood
The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is unique in both his prayers just and in his worshipping. His life is a prayer. He had a prayer in every manner and action that we can imagine such as his standing up, walking, eating, drinking, sleeping, and awaking.
The opposite characteristics that are present in his (PBUH) personality is a proof of his prophethood.
Definitely, the Qur’an is the book that informs and teaches us the high ethics that our Lord wants to see from us. It is Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) who lived a life according to the Qur’an and set an example with his actions. When Hz. Aisha asked what kind of ethics the Prophet (PBUH) had, she described it as follows; “Dot you not read the Qur’an? His ethics was the ethics of the Qur’an.”
The high ethics and good habits that are collected in his personality is a proof of his (PBUH) prophethood.
In the previous part, we have mentioned about that the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was equipped with perfect ethics. Yes, everybody agrees that our beloved Prophet was created with high ethics. For he (PBUH) was directly disciplined by God and equipped with exemplary ethics. We will present a few examples from his perfect ethics.
His Bravery is a proof of his (PBUH) prophethood.
Let us think a person who has a fabricated cause. When another person tries to murder him because of his lie and attempts to kill him with a weapon, that liar will give up his cause and want to save his life. He may even beg to be forgiven and disregard his honour as a liar.
The Qur’an is a proof of his (BPUH) prophethood.
All the proofs of Prophet Muhammad along with his prophethood (PBUH) is a proof for the truth of the Glorious Qur’an and it is the word of God. Likewise, he is a prophet; he does not tell a lie and cannot slander God.
The Reforms that He made in the society that He was sent as a Prophet is a proof of His (PBUH) prophethood.
Let us think of a small society! A society whose people are extremely stubborn and are loyal to their traditions just like flesh and bone. Let us think that we are an important judge in such a society.
Thousands of Miracles He Showed Prove His (PBUH) prophethood.
There are hundreds of miracles of Hazrat Muhammd (pbuh) that have reached us through sound resources. As it is stated by the verses, “And the moon split”, "When you threw, it was not your act, but Allah's.", that he divides the moon into two with a gesture of his finger, that small rocks glorify and praise Allah (SWT) in the Prophet's hand (ASW), that he casts of a handful of dust into the eyes of his enemies, causing them to flee...
That the News He gave about the Future Turned out to be True Proves His Prophethood.
There is a lot of news that the Prophet (pbuh) gave about the future and that occurred as he said. For instance, the martyrdom of Hazrat Uthman while reading the Quran, the martyrdom of Hazrat Husayn in Karbala, the conquest of Damascus, Persia and Istanbul,
It is Proof for His Prophethood That What He Said in His Hadiths was Proved by Science Afterwards.
It is not something that can be done by an ordinary person to make some diagnoses and determinations that could be understood after centuries. The Prophet (pbuh) made statements about tens of different branches of science; those statements turned out to be miracles as the branches of science developed.
His Didactic Aspect and the Truths He Taught to Humanity Prove His Prophethood.
One of the most emphasized attributes of the Prophet (pbuh) is his “illiteracy”. The reason why his illiteracy is emphasized so much is the fact that what he achieved through his activities cannot be achieved by the most professional scientists, academicians and experts.
The Fact That He Fulfilled His Duty Despite the Multitude of His Enemies and That the Religion of Islam Spread to the Whole World Prove His Prophethood.
Is it possible for a person who does not rely on any power and who acts alone to proclaim his cause without fearing, hesitating and panicking and with courage despite his extremely strong enemies; is it possible for the religion proclaimed by that person to be superior to other religions? Definitely not!..
Those Who Follow in the Prophet’s (pbuh) Footsteps Prove His Prophethood.
One can doubt whether a seed is a seed of an apple tree or an oleander tree if the seed remains as a seed. If the seed is put into the soil and if it starts to grow and have branches, fruits and flowers, there remains no doubt about it; it is no longer disputed what kind of seed it is.
The fact that the Companions who observed all of his acts and words believed him so much as to sacrifice their parents prove his prophethood.
Let us think: Suppose that we have friends and some members of our family that are always with us. Is it normal for them to believe us so much as to sacrifice their and their parents’ lives when they see some of our mistakes although they love us very much?
The Extraordinary States of His Descendants (Sayyids and Sharifs) called Aal-i Muhammad that Came After His Death and Their Service to Islam prove His Prophethood.
The lineage of the Prophet is called Aal-i Muhammad, Aal-i Bayt or Ahl al-Bayt. This blessed lineage has served Islam for centuries and has been the material and spiritual leaders of Muslims.
The Necessity of a Teacher That Will See the High Purposes in the Creation of the Universe and Inform People about Them Proves His Prophethood.
The beauties, the wonderful system, the perfect creatures in the universe indicate their creator and administrator. Similarly, those creatures in the universe necessitate the existence of a messenger.
To End...
We tried to deal with some issues under several headings in order to prove the truthiness of the cause of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). However, when the Prophet (pbuh) is in question, what is stated is definitely not sufficient because he is the reason why the realm of existence was created.